We offer parents and their sons or daughters free, bespoke and comprehensive advice and support throughout the process, even after starting life in the U.K. Our services include:  

Initial Consultation (F2F or Zoom) & Enquiries with Schools

  • Explaining the U.K. school system and football pathways
  • Understanding the child’s background (personal details, academic & football) and objectives for coming to the U.K.
  • Contacting schools to gather necessary information specific to the client
  • Suggesting schools which fit the purpose of the players’ academic and football needs etc. 


  • Arranging a virtual school tour and initial meeting with the preferred schools via Zoom (Head of Admissions and Head of Football)
  • Supporting the client for their decision making
  • Assisting in preparing a football bio
  • Assisting in preparing for admission interviews / testing


  • Liaising with the relevant school(s) regarding scholarships and the application process
  • Assisting in filling out and filing the application form(s) with any supporting documents
  • Liaising with the relevant school(s) to follow up the result
  • Assisting in decision making, further clarification with the school(s) if necessary

Acceptance of offer

  • Assisting in communicating the acceptance of the offer with the school.
  • Providing support in finding an appropriate guardian for the player (if required)
  • Liaising with the school admission office for various admission procedures such as payment of deposit, submission of the necessary documents, setting date of arrival, boarding arrangements etc.
  • Supporting Tier 4 student visa application process if required

Arrival in the UK

  • Liaising with the school to confirm the date of arrival and arrange an airport pick up either by the school driver or by an outsourced transportation company if necessary
  • Liaising with the school to ensure that the first day at school has been well and smooth, and if there is any issue, discuss with the parents and the school.
  • Liaising with the school to ensure that the player has been placed in an appropriate school football training and if there is any issue, discuss with the parents and the coaches.

Throughout the entire school life

  • Assisting the parents in communicating with the school for any updates for both academic performance and football development
  • Liaising with the school football coaches to enquire on football progress and future pathway for the player
  • Providing any further consultation with the parents for any concerns regarding football development.
  • Visiting the school and player occasionally to watch games and talk with coaches (dependent on schedule)


We have been through the process as parents, we have placed others and we know what you need to look for in choosing the right school by asking the right questions.

Due Diligence

We personally visit each school, meet key staff including Heads of Admissions and Academy Directors and keep abreast of their latest achievements.


We ensure there is the right balance between the football pathway and education, so as to develop an all-rounded individual, whether pursuing a career in football or elsewhere.


We listen, we ask specific questions on your behalf and we gather as much information to recommend schools that best fit your criteria and which we feel would develop your child the most.