UK Sports Schools offers specialist free and honest advice and support for parents and students aged 10+ seeking to attend independent private schools in the U.K. that combine academic excellence with clear, proven and potentially elite pathways in co-curricular activities including sports, performing arts or other interests such as fashion, design, e-gaming etc.

UK Sports Schools has ‘Approved Agent’ status with the respected British Boarding Schools Network, so you can be assured that we have an established track record which has been comprehensively vetted.  

We can help, because we have been through the process as parents 7 years ago when seeking a school that offered elite football opportunities. Since then, we have researched and have established strong connections with some of the leading private independent schools in the U.K that not only deliver academically but also provide wonderful platforms and pathways to develop a child’s talent.

Initially, we focused to our strengths and helped families and their children identify and successfully apply to schools that delivered academically yet also offered ‘academy’ style football programs.

And although many of the children we place are keen ‘footballers’, we also are helping families identify and apply for schools that have excellent platforms to nurture talent in other sports such as rugby, tennis, hockey, golf, equestrian and swimming, as well as performing arts including music, dance, and musical theatre. If fashion, design or e-gaming is your child’s passion, we can also help you find the right school.

We provide you with our expert, personal, insightful and unbiased advice so that you are able to find the right school for your son or daughter and most importantly have peace of mind.

Why choose the u.k. & ukss?

The U.K. offers an unrivalled education with pathways to higher education and is, for many aspiring youngsters, a destination of choice for those looking to challenge themselves and play, compete and perform at the highest level that they can.

UK Sports Schools staff have personally visited each school, met key personal, assessed facilities, asked the important questions and we now partner with some of the best private independent schools in the country. We have placed children into many of these schools, and we will continue to partner with new schools that offer not only a quality education, but pathways to excel in sports, performing arts etc.

We listen to your needs, share our unbiased research and provide tailored recommendations as to which schools fit you and your son or daughter’s criteria, at no cost. We then help navigate you through the application process, liaise with the school and continue to take a vested interest in your son or daughter’s progress even once they are in the UK.


We have been through the process as parents, we have placed others and we know what you need to look for in choosing the right school by asking the right questions.

Due Diligence

We personally visit each school, meet key staff including Heads of Admissions and Academy Directors and keep abreast of the school’s latest achievements.


We ensure there is the right balance between the education and co-curricular pathways, so as to develop an all-rounded individual, whether going on to pursue their dream or elsewhere.


We listen, we ask specific questions on your behalf and we gather as much information to recommend schools that best fit your criteria and which we feel would develop your child the most.


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank UK Sports Schools for their professional introduction and service. In particular, I would like to thank Samuel Chan for his careful follow-up and detailed explanation of the entire selection and application process, which went smoothly and to our satisfaction.”

Parent of Y12 boy

“Through the introduction and assistance of UK Sports School, our son was able to study in the UK and start a new chapter in his life. During the whole meeting, Mr Haddow not only introduced the academic system and UK curriculum, but most importantly, he helped our son understand more the opportunities and which schools may be right for him.

After the interview, Mr Haddow and his team followed up on the child's situation, including registration, visa application, course selection, flight booking, personal equipment preparation, etc. They took their time to teach the child to prepare for the whole process. They not only take care of the children's practical needs, but also equip them psychologically, so that they can grow up slowly during the preparation process, which is very rare.

After our son joined the school, their team also contacted us from time to time to understand how our child was adjusting to the school, so that we could get the most appropriate, suitable and caring assistance. We would like to thank Mr Haddow and his team for their dedication and help.”

Parent of Y12 boy

“It was great to meet UKSS and find a great school for our son! We have always wanted to find a school for our son that has both academics and soccer. It is easy to find out the academic level of a school through research, but it is not easy to know the level of soccer, the staff, the passion of the coaches and the support of the school.

UKSS not only has a lot of experience in arranging admissions and giving academic advice to children, but also has a good understanding of the level of soccer at each school. This allows us to directly feel, understand and appreciate the passion of each school for soccer and the direction of their student athletes, which is rare.

Our son is now enrolled in a school that he loves and is a good fit for him. In addition to being able to focus on his favorite subject academically, the intensity, pace, and atmosphere of the soccer field has broadened his horizons and allowed him to enjoy soccer more!”

Parent of Y12 boy

“It has been our greatest pleasure to have worked with Dirk & Sam from UKSS. Without their assistance and guidance, we would not have found such a great school for our son which not only provides a good educational platform but also an excellent training ground for him to continue pursuing his football dream. Our son has been enjoying his new school life in every aspect. I wish you and UKSS continue to have a prosperous future by assisting more youngsters to prosper in their future study and career in the UK”
Parent of Y12 boy