UK Sports Schools offers specialist free advice and support for parents and students aged 10+ seeking to attend independent private schools in the U.K. that combine academic excellence with clear, proven and potentially elite pathways in football.

We can help, because we have been through the process as parents 6 years ago, and since then, we have researched and established strong connections with some of the leading schools in the U.K.

There are many excellent private independent schools in the U.K. with strong academics and offering a range of sports. However, when seeking a school specifically for football, you need to select carefully.

A player who is serious about football needs a specialist U.K. football boarding school environment which is geared towards football progression and mirrors a pro club academy experience as closely as possible.

The school should be playing at the highest levels in the country, offering a competitive fixture list with other top schools, non-league teams and pro academies and having an expert coaching team with influence in the game. Further, ideally the school should have a proven track record of clear pathways into professional football clubs or developing players who then go back to their home countries and play at a good level or go on to gain sports scholarships at US universities.

We provide you with our expert, personal, insightful and unbiased advice so that you are able to find the right school for your son or daughter and most importantly have peace of mind.

Why choose uk & ukss

The U.K. is a hotbed for football and a destination of choice for many aspiring youngsters looking to challenge themselves and play at the highest level that they can.

UK Sports Schools staff have personally visited, met key personal, spent time with the coaching staff,  assessed facilities, asked the key questions and we now partner with some of the best football schools in the country as well as having an exclusive agreement with the UK’s first private academy.

We listen to your needs, share our unbiased research and provide tailored recommendations as to which schools fit you and your son or daughter’s criteria, at no cost. We then help navigate you through the application process, liaise with the school and continue to take a vested interest in your son or daughter’s progress even once they are in the UK.


We have been through the process as parents, we have placed others and we know what you need to look for in choosing the right school by asking the right questions.

Due Diligence

We personally visit each school, meet key staff including Heads of Admissions and Academy Directors and keep abreast of the school’s latest achievements.


We ensure there is the right balance between the football pathway and education, so as to develop an all-rounded individual, whether pursuing a career in football or elsewhere.


We listen, we ask specific questions on your behalf and we gather as much information to recommend schools that best fit your criteria and which we feel would develop your child the most.